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Around Me

Believers must understand that it is the will of God that they belong to a church, fellowship with one another, and not forsake gathering at the church for prayers, worship, and praise. There are churches all around you, so make the effort to find one. Remember, you are there to meet with God and not people.​

  • Are you looking for a home church?

  • Are you new in your community?

  • Are you on transfer?

  • Are you just tied of your pastor and want to move on?

(If you are the only one moving on, then it is highly possible you are carrying the problem with you. Seek counsel from your pastor or an elder from your church and discuss the problem before you depart from where God has seeded you).


Find a church near you or search a church of your preference by using a google or Bing search.

For example: "Churches in Fremont, CA."


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