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How Lucifer Impacts and Obstructs Your Blessings

This message is about the small sins that we overlooked.


FLESH is the spirit of Lucifer that lives in the human being throughout his or her lifespan here on earth. It cannot be removed nor easily controlled by human efforts or wisdom but can be tamed and controlled only by the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus himself (Christ in you, the hope of glory). This spirit of Lucifer (Flesh) is the very spirit that approached Eve, in the form of a serpent, in the garden of Eden and transformed humanity from the “Christ-like God-image” to the “Lucifer-like Satan-image” found in Genesis 5:3.


Before Genesis 5:3 humans (Adam and Eve) were addressed as the image and likeness of God. After encountering Lucifer, whom God had hidden from Adam and Eve for ages, humanity not only lost dominion over the earth and all heavenly privileges, and inheritance, humanity became a slave to the spirit of Satan.


Satan saw the vulnerability in the two humans that God created and tempted them. However, God knew Satan’s plan before he created him as an angel, and he also knew Satan’s thoughts even before they were conceived in Satan’s mind, so it would be wrong to think Satan took God by surprise; he did not.


God also knew that the Jews would worship a molten calf before they did it, yet he gave Moses the 10 Commandments for humanity. Why did God allow these abominations to happen against him? Today, both believers and non-believers ask why God allows certain terrible things to happen to humanity. None of us can understand God. And if you think you do, read Job 38 to Chapter 41, in which God for four lengthy chapters asked Job questions about his creation and Job could answer none of them. God knew that Satan will succeed before Adam made the mistake; God new that Peter will deny him trice before the cock crows (Luke 22:34 and Matthew 26:34), yet he gave him the keys to the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 16:19). God knew that Paul will persecute Christians before Paul was conceived in his mother’s womb, yet he allowed that to happen. God is righteous, which means he can never be wrong. The only explanation I can think of is that because he has absolute control over everything he created, he is not worried about anything.


Since the transformation from Christ-like to Satan-like nature, humans have become the image and likeness of Adam and not of God (Genesis 5:3). Humanity has ever since loved evil, hated God, loved manipulation, and hated good. The spirit of Lucifer in humankind has pushed towards its own destruction. Humanity has no peace.


Second, it could also be that God created humanity to be self-thinkers; make sound judgement and obey him alone. When Adam failed, God let him correct his mistakes by himself. Again, God knew that Adam cannot do it by himself, yet he gave him the chance to try to solve it. Humanity showed inferiority against Lucifer’s spirit. God look down and saw that humanity has become evil and worse; he could not overcome the spirit of Lucifer. The damage has grown out of proportion. First, he thought it would be better to try a new experiment, but the creation of Adam and Eve already was an experiment and not the “Real Creation.” The first Adam was an experiment, the second Adam (Christ) was the real and beginning of creation.


Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan in humanity. 1 John 3:8 (KJV), “He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”






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