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By Pastor Thaddaeus Thompson:


The Holy Spirit is a promise to all that "repent and get baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins" - (Acts 2:38). The Holy Ghost is "Christ in you, the hope of glory." - (Colossians 1:27 KJV). Everyone that accepts Christ as Lord and Savior received the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), which means Christ comes and dwells in the person. You do not have to work to earn it because you cannot earn it; it is given as a gift that you did not pay for (Titus 3:5).


However, you need to understand that if you keep rejecting living according to God's commandments in the Bible, you are rejecting the Holy Spirit in you and subsequently rendering it inactive. Keeping the Holy Spirit inactive can cost you heaven.  When this happens, it did because you "quenched the Spirit." (1 Thessalonians 5:19: "Quench not the Spirit" KJV).


This also means the Holy Spirit can be rendered dormant or inactive by the believer. In other words, the believer has allowed worldliness to steal his or her crown. The Holy Ghost is a light or fire that dwells in people who have accepted water baptism after repenting (Acts 2:38). When the Holy Spirit is active, the believer walks around as a bright light that scares off the forces of darkness. This fact is written in the Bible: "We are the light of the world." - (Matthew 5:14).


Demonic forces when they are captured by the Power of the Spirit of God in churches or during a deliverance prayer service, confessed that Christians walk around like light and this distinguishes the true believer from the fake ones. They avoid those with the shining light. The fire or light can go out or be dimmed, if one lives to please the flesh, which is the contrary spirit. The reason Jesus Christ (the light: John 9:5) comes to live in the believer is to present a challenge to the spirit of flesh, which is the spirit of Lucifer or Satan planted in Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden - (Genesis 3:6).


What transpired in the Garden of Eden wasn't just eating apples and bananas; it was an exchange of nature. God created Adam and Eve in his image (imagination, thoughts, conscience, logos) and likeness (resemblance) and Satan, in the form of most powerful spirit "a serpent," changed the nature of Adam and Eve to his nature, when they believed him instead of God. Anybody that turns away from God di so because the spirit of Lucifer "the serpent" convinced him or her to do so. This includes lukewarm Christians; they obeyed the serpent, so they became lukewarm.


When Lucifer successful changed the holy nature of Adam and Eve to his fallen nature, God saw an urgency and aborted Satan's plans before it could cause an everlasting damage. Remember, God placed Cherubims, who are powerful angels that protect the Glory of God to guide the Tree of Life with swords so Adam and Eve could not touch them and contaminate humanity, everlasting?- (Genesis 3:24).


Satan did not only planned to have Adam and Eve changed to serve him, he also wanted them to be contaminated forever if they had touched the Tree of Life. If God did not quickly protect the Tree of Life from Adam and Eve, Calvary will be useless; humans will still be fully contaminated with sin after Jesus died for them. So, God in his knowledge of all things and wisdom kept Adam and Eve from becoming irreversible. When he cast them out of Paradise, he did not do so because he was punishing them, he did so to keep them from living forever in an irreversible state, meaning cannot be redeemed. Satan would have been our god forever and Calvary would be ineffective.


God became a man (the man Christ) as he had planned and promised; came down to the earth to be born by the virgin Mary, and saved his children through the provision of the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Jesus that dwells in all believers. Christ in you, the hope of glory - (Colossians 1:27 KJV).


As it happened, to the surprise of Satan, when he thought he had successfully eliminated Christ at Calvary, what actually happened was that Jesus came back as the Holy Spirit to live inside of us so as to put the "flesh: spirit of Satan" in check. How do we know that the Flesh is the spirit of Lucifer in us? Romans 8:7 KJV, "Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be." The carnal mind is the flesh. It is a spirit that Romans 8:7 says cannot obey God's laws even if it wants to. CURSED. The flesh lives in us but we are not cursed. Actually, when God made humanity he said and it was very good, so we are not the bad rotten one. There is a spirit that Lucifer has implanted in us to do his bidding called the flesh. This flesh is an enemy of God and cannot serve God even if it wants to. Who fits this description? Lucifer. He hates God, cannot obey God and is cursed. So your flesh is Lucifer in you. It will stay and fight godliness in us until it is time for him to be separated from the wheat - (Matthew 13:30)


Jesus declared that he has overcome the world (John 16:33); he also declared he has conquered hell and death (Satan) - (Revelation 1:18), but he did not say he has conquered the flesh that lives inside of us. Why? The answer is simple: we are made of the "flesh" (the fallen nature) and if he had conquered the flesh, he will conquer us (his children). So he allows the tares, which represents the spirit of flesh (Satan) and the wheat (the Holy Spirit) to grow together and when the end comes, the harvesters will come and separate the two. The tares or weeds which represent the flesh will be gathered and burn and cast away into hell fire, whereas the wheat (the believer who is full of the Holy Ghost) will be gather for God's kingdom - (Matthew 13:25-30). 


Secondly, the Holy Ghost is not given to perform miracles and wonders; it's job is to present a counter Spirit to the flesh, which the spirit of Lucifer implanted inside of humanity by Satan in the Garden of Eden. Many believers go about saying they used the Holy Ghost to heal and performed miracles; well the Holy Ghost is not given for this job.


Another function of the Holy Ghost is to cleanse the believer from all impurities, sinful actions, including thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, and draw him or her towards becoming the nine fruit of the Spirit - (Galatians 5:22). The Holy Ghost is a gift given to start the consecration process in our being and lives. Before every human being received the gift of the Holy Spirit, Satan, through the flesh has already accustomed us to his wicked ways of doing things, especially made us hate Jesus our creator. This is a permanent damage to humanity making us come short of the glory of God - (Romans 3:23).


Hence, before you gave your life to God, you did not want to hear anything about God or Jesus. You said you are better off without religion, in reference to not wanting to have anything to do with this God "bullshit." We all hated God directly or indirectly with all our guts and strength; yet when we were sinners Christ ignored our hatred for him and saved us (Romans 5:8 KJV): "But God commendeth his love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." 



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