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How to Develop My

Relationship With Jesus

Your relationship with Jesus depends on where you are in Matthew 13:18-23

1. Love him. How do you love him? It's that simple:

  • Accept him as your Lord and Savior

  • Get Baptized in the "Name of Jesus"

  • Learn to know him by reading about him in the Bible

  • Sing and/or listen to gospel music instead of worldly music

  • Obey his commandments (They are more than 10) and do not knowingly sin.

  • Watch Christian videos

  • Listen to preaching on video (YouTube & Others)

  • Attach yourself to fellow Christians

  • Be careful about seeking the advise of unbelievers. Usually, Satan influences the advise you receive from ungodly friends because they do not have defenses against his influence.  The Holy Ghost protects believers from Satan's influence. Read Psalms 1:1.

These are just a few examples; there are many others.

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