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Obedience: Who doesn't hate it

A church member's inquires about obedience in the church.

Spiritual Counselor: The church is not democratic nor autocratic; it's theocratic, which means Jesus is the only candidate, he has words of eternal power; he is a counsel of one, he knows it all, does not need our assistance nor advice; he is sovereign, the King of Kings, and all are subjects to him.  The congregation must submit to the authority of the pastor. Instead of resisting the rules of the church you attend, keep asking questions and discuss openly what you disagree on. Do not be quick to assume that your pastor doesn't understand you. Pastors are usually sophisticated in the spirit and oftentimes misunderstood. Often, the pastor understands what you are telling him; he just doesn't want to be told by you or anyone he feels is not in the pastoral ranks. However, always remember that your ministry in the church is to help promote the works of the kingdom. The pastor's ministry is also to promote the work of the kingdom. The praise team, ushers, greeters, teachers, evangelists, prophets, apostles, the congregation, etc. are all ministries working for the kingdom of Jesus and has nothing to do with the pastor's ministry. Within the mess you do your best to honor and respect your appointed ministry as you are doing right now. We cannot comprehend everything. I think if Paul will be asked today about what he wrote concerning women in the ministry he will say he was misunderstood. Focus on your calling and please God. Do not try to prove yourself because we all have nothing to prove. Only Jesus has much to prove and he has proven it already. Amen!


Unfortunately, some churches have succumbed to Satan and his activities by denying spiritual truth, as pointed out by Jesus in the Book Of Revelation (Revelation Chapters 2 & 3). These churches distance themselves from godliness which is the demonstration of God's power on earth. I have spent the past decade digging deeper into the miraculous power in Christianity through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The result was a little glimpse of what is happening in the dark world and why Jesus came to the earth sounding warnings about the threat humanity faces from Lucifer and his cohorts.  The Bible is the best source of understanding God, which seems to be quite contrary to the man-made doctrine of the so-called denominational principles. The church has been operating as the Pharisee did, and this complacency has revolutionized the church and gave birth to radicalism and watered down preaching. Jesus has not changed; he is still all the qualities that the Bible teaches about him. Jesus is still teaching and has placed resources in the believer's life to strengthen him or her. Some denominations think only they are going to heaven. That is sheer ignorance. The Bible doesn't say so nor God made that declaration.

Spiritual Counseling by:

Pastor Thaddaeus Thompson

Case Study 2

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