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Makayla Thompson

Makayla Thompson

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Emotional Distress

Help is available


Makayla Thompson's ministry has impacted many teenagers struggling with emotional and psychological stress. Makayla is not the one who does the work, but she is being used by Jesus to greatly deliver teenagers from the spirit of depression, anxiety, loneliness, suicide, fear, guilt, insecurity, low self-esteem, fear of the unknown, negative experiences flashbacks, horrified, abuse, drug addiction, lusts, hallucinations, sin and more. 

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Do not leave emotional distress to part of life; it's not


Self-Awareness Topics

By Makayla Thompson


About Makayla

Makayla Thompson is a 14-years old pastor's daughter with a similar calling of minors found in the Bible with supernatural ministerial gifts. At the age of 13, Makayla began having powerful encounters with Jesus and the power of God fell on her. Her Biblical teachings is beyond comprehension, as the Holy Spirit gives her utterance. Makayla regularly teaches teenagers and adults up to 65+


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