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How Lucifer Impacts and Obstructs Your Blessings

This message is about the small sins that we overlooked.


Our characters are shaped by either God or Lucifer, therefore, it is important to understand that by our fruit we shall be known, whether we are of God or the devil. Our thoughts feed from either God’s table or the devil’s table. When you eat Satan’s food he will take it back 10 folds. Wherever our thoughts take us (be it spontaneous or well-thought of) was influenced by God or Satan.


Therefore, our thoughts must be carefully examined whether it’s of Jesus or Lucifer. Particularly, in small things, such as our words, mood, attitude, and emotional fallouts.  Because we reap what we sow, whatever we allow to develop in our thoughts or actions make us feed from either the “devil’s table” or God’s table (1 Corinthians 10:21). One moment we are praising God (eating from God’s table), the next moment we are upset or angry with someone (eating from the devil’s table).


This is extremely important to understand. Lucifer can attack or hinder your blessings, if you live this pattern. This is also a sign that you are not “free indeed” or maybe not saved yet, because the Bible says, “If the Son set you free, you are free indeed.” Professing to be a Christian, yet lacking the joy associated with a true Christian life, means you are not living the commandments. Repent and pray for deliverance. You may think moodiness is natural but we hear demons confessing that they interjected the spirit of moodiness and anger into people who allowed them to do so. When you praise God, you are calling down heaven (blessings). Likewise, when you are upset and angry, you are calling up hell and it’s demons to attack you (not the person you are angry with).


Second, as God has a name: Jesus, so also Satan has a name: Lucifer. I refuse to call him “the enemy,” I call him out by his name: Lucifer, because his cohorts never called him any other name but his true name Lucifer. It’s like you walking down the street and calling out “Man, Man.” You did not mention a name so either all the men in that street will give you attention or ignore you. But if you called out “John,” he will give his attention.


The same is the case when we cry out to God. We call his name (Jesus), so we do not attract false gods. Call out Lucifer by his name and then rebuke him. He cannot hide; let him know you know he is responsible for every mischief in your life. And rebuke him by calling upon the name of Jesus, his master. This is what deliverance is all about. Before you pray for anything, ask God to deliver you from your captor. When you are under Lucifer’s captivity for living a sinful life, whatever you pray for (besides asking for God’s grace) will be snatched by Lucifer. Hence, deliverance is so important.


We oftentimes misconstrue deliverance to be for only the demon possessed. Whenever you eat from Lucifer’s table you need deliverance. Without praying first for deliverance, your problem won’t go away; it will be a temporary relief but it remains. Get this or else your Christian walk will be superficial.


To be continued…..





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