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Jesus came to restore us through repentance, baptism, and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit and living the “Born Again” experience (John 3:5). A “Born Again” heart is not a “me, me, I heart,” but a humble and compassionate heart towards God and all humans. Your life is to be presented as a sacrifice for others not for yourself (Romans 12:1-3). So if you only think about you when speaking to God and all you ask is gain for yourself, you are out of God’s will and your prayer might not be answered. Yet the decision is his; he blesses whom he wants. I don’t control God. However, remember it’s not just about what you don’t have; it’s even more about what others don’t have.

Examples of Flesh in Action

  1. When the word of God bores you and your interest fading

  2. When you start disliking what the church is doing

  3. When certain people or group of people irritate you

  4. When you blindly support or side with evil

  5. Impatient, quick tempered, cannot stand criticism, mean, uncompromising, bad behaviors, careless, irresponsible, cruelty, rebellious, hatred, opinionated, selfish, idolatry, adultery  manipulative, dominating, unbelief, immorality, self-adoration, boastfulness, sowing discord, gossiping, murderer, liars, propagating false teachings and the like.

These are some of the cases in which a person’s flesh is said to be in full control. Pray against your flesh.


Remember, Jesus takes our imperfections and gives us his righteousness. But if we hold on to these imperfections, then he will not force us to relinquish them, “because we own choice.” He cannot help those who refuse help.


Why Did Lucifer Attack Feeble Adam and Eve?

It was because of the inheritance. Lucifer was very jealous that Adam and Eve were made heirs to God’s kingdom and inheritance. The inheritance that we are receiving was taken away from Lucifer when he rebelled against God. The same way, when you rebel against God, you lose your inheritance. You were promised God’s inheritance. We know that when we make it to heaven, everything will be ours to enjoy. Thank Jesus for restoring and preserving it for those that will endure to the end.


How Lucifer’s Kingdom Operates “In Human Life?”


Lucifer planted the “seed of unbelief,” also known as “spirit of unbelief” in humanity during his encounter with Eve. This spirit is in humanity’s DNA and blood line. The biggest challenge all believers face is believing in God’s word and living it. Hence Jesus kept saying, “if you believe.” Most Christians in the modern world are so confused, they don’t even know what to believe anymore. They have strayed away from Christian values, as the churches create their own doctrine, and unbeknownst to them worship Lucifer (Revelation 2:13). Lucifer is on the throne of most churches.


Some may say, “God forbid, I am a Christian, I am protected by the blood.” If you are so sure , why then are you always afraid and on the defensive. Sin has placed most Christians on the defensive. If you doubt this fact, let’s see what the Bible says about your life as a human being. As human beings:


  1. We all have sinned and fall short of his glory, which also means

  2. “Without God we are dust” (nothing). Remember in Genesis 3, Lucifer (the serpent) was cursed to feed on dust. Those who fail to live by the Word of God become dust for Satan.


The above scriptures and others simply point to human-beings as incomplete in righteousness, because Adam lost his dominion to Satan. It takes Jesus to recapture and restore our dominion. Our dominion harbors our righteousness. We need him to deliver us from our captor (Lucifer). Every human-being born through a woman, except the Man Christ was born into the blood line of Lucifer, (including pastoral children). Don’t be fooled by Lucifer to think that when you are once saved you are save forever. No, it will take staying close to Jesus.





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