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This message is about what the Bible calls the “man within and the spirit within.” The man within is FLESH, who is also the spirit of Lucifer. Conversely, the spirit within is the Holy Spirit. The gracious Lord has given me some revelation into Satan’s world, and this will be the next series. You are losing the battle because you know very little about the enemy responsible for your setbacks. Don’t tell me that you do, because if Prophet Daniel did not know that the King of Persia (Satan) was blocking his blessings, how would you know?


As it was in the case of Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego, where 3 went in and a fourth entered, so also in your being 3 entered (Body, soul, and spirit) and a fourth entered. The fourth could be Lucifer or Jesus, depending on whose table you are eating from. These two powers can enter even the most elite Christians and pastors, if they preach the word of God or profess to be Christians but are carnal minded: a lifestyle rooted in the devil, behaviors that attracts demons, or living a worldly lifestyle. Doing such is eating from the devil’s table. Be careful not to be eating here and there at the same time. “There,” referring to the “table of the enemy.” As God prepares a table before you (Ps. 23:5), so also the devil prepares a table waiting for those who will cross over to eat. You cross over anytime you do something that doesn’t reflect a Christian character, which includes unforgiveness, jealousy, gossiping, argumentative, strife, sowing discord, pitching people against each other, blowing up, erratic behaviors, manipulative, undermining the word of God, negative thinking, lack of faith, etc. The Bible teaches about feeding yourself spiritually. Likewise, you may be feeding your soul satanically from the enemies table.




First, demons are invisible spirits that serve and work for Lucifer. Satan implanted his spirit called the “flesh” into humanity in the Garden of Eden, so the fleshly spirit will lead the human being to him instead of God. When God cursed Satan in Genesis 3, he said the serpent will crawl on his belly and eat “dust.” Where did we come from? We came from Dust. Without the Spirit of God in us, we are nothing but dust. In other words, the moment you move away from God, you become dust and Satan feeds off you, because God said he will eat dust. Stay close to God. This explains why most Christians struggle and live a very frustrated life. Prayers get answered but they are too worldly, so Satan eats the blessings. Your flesh betrays you by setting you up for sinful acts, coordinating evil thoughts, actions, and anything contrary to the ways of God. The WAYS OF GOD prevent Satan from destroying your blessings. But you will rather be a Kardashian than be humble and simple.


Most of us know that there are God’s angels and Lucifer’s angels. However, few of us know that God’s angels often wear white robes, but they can come in any outfit and they always look like human beings, never like mammals. Lucifer’s angels also wear white robes but another group of them wear black robes or attire. The ones in white robes are more advanced and dangerous. Do not confuse demons with angels, they are not the same. Fallen angels are powerful than demons. The difference between the two is that demonic spirits are human spirits that have died and did not make it to heaven. Their goal is to make sure that you do not make it to heaven. Here are the four most deadly and powerful ranking in hell:


1. Lucifer

2. The spirit of the Leopard

3. The spirit of the Bear

4. The spirit of the Lion

(Daniel 7:3-8)


The ones below (5-10) are slow killers, but their main function is to keep you a disciple of Satan until it’s your turn to be eliminated. They turn you over to their bosses above and are the superiors of your flesh. Your flesh tells them everything about you, including your plans:


5. Kundalini spirits (When you fake the Holy Spirit)

6. Marine spirits

7. Spirit of the tiger

8. Reptile spirits: snake, crocodile, etc

9. Spirits of the birds that fly

10. Spirits of the bush


And more.


In spite of their rankings and viciousness, Jesus has placed them all under your feet, so do not be afraid of them. Serve God diligently; add virtue (meaning) to your walk with God. If you don’t then they are the cause. Let the light of Christ shine in you.





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