Why Are You So Ashamed of Me?

By Makayla Thompson

Jesus is weeping while asking you that right now. You may be thinking “I am never ashamed of Jesus. I go to church every Sunday and…” Stop right there. You must know first that our purpose is not to go to church on Sunday and get spiritually fed by the Pastor (1 Cor 3:1-2). Our purpose is to praise God and to live for him (Isaiah 43:7). We were not created for our own purpose. We were created for God’s pleasure. The main thing that God loves above everything is when souls are saved. They throw a whole party in heaven when a soul has just been saved (Luke 15:1-32). Jesus says feed my sheep (John 21:17). He says to preach the Gospel to the blind (Isaiah 42:7 & Isaiah 29:18) and feed the lost sheep (Luke 15:4-10). So why are we so ashamed to do what he asks and what he destined us to do (Jeremiah 1:5). Jesus asked who will go for me (Isaiah 6:8)?


He will never force you to go out and preach the Gospel to people, he gives you a choice. He asks. But, will you? Will you go for him? Will you deny yourself and your pride and go? Will you daily (Luke 9:23)? Not just on Sunday or when it is time to go to church. He said every single day live for him, not just when you feel like it. Not just when you feel like listening to him. You live for him even when your flesh doesn’t feel like it because you love him (John 14:15). The way we live for Christ is denying yourself and picking up the cross. Picking up that cross and following God. Making that commitment to Christianity.


Christianity = acting like Jesus. Everything Jesus did on earth revolved around saving souls. He’d preach to the spiritually blind. He spent all his time on the earth saving souls. He died for everyone, so they could have a chance to be saved and be in heaven. He died for the sinners. All of the sinners. So that the people in bondage could be set free. He suffered for your soul, all of our souls. Are you willing to suffer to win a soul for Christ? Suffer from hate, criticism, persecution, etc. Are you willing to risk it all for Christ? Do you trust him?


If yes then Jesus will say unto you “Well done thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” (Matthew 25:24). Or are you gonna be the one who is afraid, Jesus will say unto you “Thou wicked and slothful servant.” (Matthew 25:26). 


Why Soul Winning Is Important: 

-If you win souls you are wise: Proverbs 11:30

-Help the fig trees: Matthew 21:19

-Use your talent to help give to God’s Kingdom: Matthew 25:14-26 

-You are chosen to spread the Gospel: John 15:16 

-Freely give as you receive: Matthew 10:6-8

-Jesus told us to open the eyes of the blind: Matthew 28:19-20

-Win souls, ignore judgement: John 4:6-38